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The media management

Each Girly Car VTC will be equipped with a connected and tactile tablet allowing the deployment of content in real time.

This management will allow us to expose:


  • promotional content (advertisements),

  • content of general interest (weather, tourist information, etc.),

  • recreational content (according to acquired rights, videos, etc.).


The success factor

To achieve the success of advertising, whose interest will increase with the size of the community, i.e. the number of views, we need to set up a system for redistributing advertising revenue.

A balance will thus be created so that all stakeholders are winners.

The way in which the advertising information will be displayed will be non-invasive, will not disturb the customer experience (no blocking of the app before use).

The objective is clearly to achieve a “snowball” effect through recommendation and sponsorship.

The redistribution of advertising revenue

A portion of advertising revenue will be redistributed to:

  • The Driver (via its Girly subsidiary);

  • The "Girly Affiliate" driver in different forms (discount of commission, back rebate, etc.);

  • The customer in the form of discount coupons (because the advertising is visible in the app).

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