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Are you a VTC woman?

We guarantee you a clientele
exclusively female!

To support our customers,
Download the GIRLYCAR DRIVER app

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Vous êtes une conducteur VTC ?

Faites partie de la communauté masculine et vertueuse de Girly Car !

Bravo, vous êtes un homme qui prône les valeurs de l'égalité, de la transparence et de l'équité entre les sexe.

Sachez que  nos clientes décident en tout temps !

Nos clientes choisissent si elles veulent être transportées par

des femmes ou des hommes, ceci en toute liberté !

You are not a VTC driver but

you want to order a race?

A social app


As the basis of our business development, an application that supports the entire offer and provides solutions to the needs of our customers.


The  community aspect  is particularly neat, which makes it possible to deploy the full potential of the services complementary to the mobility offer.


Order a raceinstant, scheduled or in the form of a subscription.

Order a race for your child, see the evolution of demand.


Follow your child from the pick-up to the end of the race.

This feature is available at any time, even outside of a Girly Car service.


Real-time chat between the client and her driver before the race and during it possible chat with the child taken care of.

The opinion and sharing of the community is paramount. The possibility is left to the customer to evaluate the driver.


Advertising on waiting screens.
Entitles you to discounts on Girly services.

Imagine an outing with friends, a group activity.

It's time to go home.


Each "Girly User" can activate theinstant location sharing feature with the other members of the group.

Virginie returns in Girly, Marie is on a bike,  Samira returns by bus and yet during their return trip, they  can chat, locate each other and make sure that everyone gets home safely.

Once the return has been validated, the cross geolocation stops.

In the event of a problem, an alert can be launched with the exact position of the person requiring assistance.

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