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The derived products

Foulard Girly Car
Brume parfumée Girly Car

A VTC  female captive of vehicles with an advertising screen on which to convey a clear message is ideal for the sale of products developed or licensed.

Some products developed as examples:

“Girly Mist”: The olfactory identity of Girly cars can be brought home with our range of room scented mists.

Scarves, scarves and products for children will also be developed in an accessible price range.

Parapluie Girly Car
Powerbank GirlyCar

Some very practical products such as umbrellas and caps will be offered to respond to the whims of the weather.


Bottles of gels, masks, handkerchiefs, bottles of water will be made available and sold.

Some technological products such as powerbanks and charging cables will be offered.

Other partner products will also be offered for sale either directly or via an affiliate link with a promotional code.

Agreements are in the process of being signed at the time of writing.

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