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The time for reflection

As in other sectors of activity, the health crisis has forced us to reconsider our position on the market, to evaluate other operating methods.

Some observations have been made on the situation in the sector:

  • The profession is "popularized" and impoverished, 

  • Insecurity grows

  • We are seeing a desertion of female customers,

  • The market is becoming more uniform, “Uberization” is inevitable.

At the center of the reflection, mobility as a factor of personal development:

  • For our clients,

  • For our collaborators.

Conductrice taxi
Taxi cliente

The observation

A community of consumers is to be met around mobility needs, whether for themselves, but also for their children, in a world where everyone is subject to the stress caused by the now endemic insecurity of transport.

Many reports show that all traditional means of transport are affected.

Whether in Taxis, VTC, Bus, Metro, and even simple travel on foot, insecurity in urban areas is not just a simple feeling, 87% (study published by Fnaut, association of users ) of women had been harassed during the year 2019. 

Uber also wonders about the solutions to be provided and periodically publishes reports accessible by a simple Google search.

202110-25 - GIRLY CAR - Canevas présentation PRINT 1.indd _ 200%_2-min.jpg

“Girly Car” is structured as a holding company domiciled in Cannes to which a certain number of subsidiaries are attached.

This decentralized management model will allow each entity to implement the most appropriate policies in terms of employment, training and also in terms of business development.

The regional director, shareholder of her branch, will be a stakeholder in her own development.

This is the best way to achieve the performance expected by the Holding and its shareholders.

This structuring is also compatible with the development of “Girly Car” as a franchise, in France and internationally.

A national network, a strong identity

202107-08 - GIRLY CAR - Organigrame v2 copie.png

A community to federate

The “Girly” community is a community of modern women to whom we owe it to ourselves to offer efficient services that are compatible with the real needs of mobility and personal services.


We live in an embodied world where safe movement is the basis of freedom. Playing sports, working, accompanying your children to activities, shopping, travel, outings are all situations in our daily lives that we want to live fully without any negative ulterior motives.

“Freedom is movement”

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