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A female team

The Branch Manager, assisted by her team of drivers, will make every effort to serve close customers with the same concerns while respecting the values of the company.

A real opportunity is thus offered to women wishing to take charge of their professional destiny.

Becoming a “Girly” driver is much more than driving a vehicle, it is obtaining a license allowing you to exercise a rewarding profession at a pace that respects family imperatives.

Tenue-conductrice Girly Car

Universal feminine values

Using Girly Car is not only about getting around, it is also about asserting your femininity and your commitment to a world where everyone has the same rights to move freely and safely.

It is :

  • Respect for our team, our colleagues,

  • The respect of our commitments,

  • Respect for our partners,

  • Strict compliance with the highway code,

  • Ecology in focus,

  • Safety for our customers,

  • Safety for their children,

  • Safety for our drivers.

202107-01 - GIRLY CAR - Mockup Tesla.png

Do not hesitate to apply!

Our company is constantly looking for talent.

Do you have service as second nature and want to join us as a driver, do you want to invest yourself as a zone director?

Do not hesitate to send us your application to:

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