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Girly Car, first offerVTC
for women, by women

“An offer for us girls, without fuss and in complete safety! »
Valérie, area director

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Why GirlyCar?

A gentle approach to urban mobility with the aim of meeting female demand!


Of thefeminine values so universal

  • Respect for our team, our colleagues,

  • The respect of our commitments,

  • Respect for our partners,

  • Strict compliance with the highway code,

  • Ecology in focus,

  • Safety for our customers,

  • Safety for their children,

  • Safety for our drivers.

A social app

As the basis of our business development, an application that supports the entire offer and provides solutions to the needs of our customers.


The  community aspect  is particularly neat  which makes it possible to deploy the full potential of services complementary to the mobility offer.


Our approach to mobility, a few more words

The 100% female does not mean the negation of the man but invites all our speakers to ask themselves the question of the right place of the woman in our society. 

100% feminine therefore means that all the choices made by Girly Car go in the direction of asserting femininity and its specificities, this being applied to mobility.

Our clients are businesswomen, or retired, employed or self-employed, married or single, mothers and grandmothers and have the right to move freely and safely at any time of the day and night. .


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